Who is Janne?

My name is Janne Hakkarainen. I am 33 years old and I live in the centre of the city of Oulu. I am a member of the City Council representing the Greens. I am also the Chair of the Green Council Group and the Chair of the Board of the Sivakka concern. I am a Master of Arts – I majored in Germanic Philology and minored in Nordic Philology and Pedagogy. I currently work as a communications specialist at the University of Oulu.

In politics I work for promoting social equality and slowing down the climate change.

I was interested in social influencing already at a young age. I have been entrusted with various positions of responsibility since I was 16. As a child I was an enthusiastic scout, which taught me to respect the value of unspoiled nature.

I became a member of the Greens at the age of 19. In the election of 2008 I became a vice member of the city council and 4 years later I got to be a councilor. I renewed my mandate in council in 2017. I have run for the parliament two times.

Politics is not merely a hobby for me: it’s a lifestyle, a passion. At the university I didn’t just study – I was also very active in student politics. I was the President of the Student Union in 2013.

On my leisure time I usually read, run from one meeting to another, travel and meet my friends. I appreciate dark sense of humour, Ralf König cartoons in original language, protein-rich vegetarian food, well-prepared meeting agendas and optimism. My special passion is books. If I keep on carrying them home this rate, I’ll probably have serious space issues by the time I’m middle-aged.