Who is Janne?

My name is Janne Hakkarainen. I am 33 years old and I live in the centre of the city of Oulu. I am a member of the City Council representing the Greens. I am also the Chair of the Green Council Group and the Chair of the Board of Sivakka, the rental housing company of the city.

I am a Master of Arts – I majored in Germanic Philology and minored in Nordic Philology and Pedagogy. After graduation  I have studied ethics and economics in the open university. I currently work as a communications specialist at the University of Oulu and my main responsibility is the systematic quality control and co-ordination of the social media channels of the university.

In politics I work for promoting social equality and slowing down the climate change.

I’m running for the city council  for re-election, because I would like to continue my work for a growing and a more international and open-minded Oulu. My themes also include providing affordable housing, promoting sustainable transportation – especially walking, cycling and public transportation – and ensuring the good quality of education.

In the future the competition between Finnish cities intensifies which means we have to make sure that Oulu is an attractive place to study, work and fulfill one’s dreams. In addition, the Finnish population is ageing which means we have to speed up our labour migration; this obviously requires that we have to ensure Oulu is a welcoming city for immigrants as well.

Politics is not merely a hobby for me: it’s a lifestyle, a passion. As a student I didn’t just study – I was also very active in student politics. I was the President of the Student Union in 2013.

On my leisure time I usually read, run from one meeting to another, travel and meet my friends. I appreciate dark sense of humour, Ralf König cartoons in original language, protein-rich vegetarian food, well-prepared meeting agendas and optimism. My special passion is books. If I keep on carrying them home this rate, I’ll probably have serious space issues by the time I’m middle-aged.